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Since 1974 Smartset has been specializing in haircare for seniors in all levels of care facilities. Currently we operate in over 50 various types of care home facilities and are actively looking to grow, with a dedicated team of staff that provide meaingful service to residents.

We are searching for new business across Canada, contact us to learn more about the advantages we offer and why other customers choose Smartset!

Our family run business brings the level of care and attention to your residents that you would expect from quality service. It starts with our fully licensed staff. Each member is trained in the importance of facility needs and guest experience to create a professoinal service that our clients look forward to each visit.

We currently serve the Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, Kamloops and Summerland areas of British Columbia, and we are actively looking to expand across BC and Canada.

When it comes to providing an essential service to guests in a memorable way, our company has the experience, training and professionalism to meet the desired industry standard of care.

At Smartset, we want to provide more than a service to residents. We want them to feel valued and taken care of by taking the time to understand that every clients needs are different. As we begin to build a relationship with each resident, our service transforms into an experience. A trip to the salon for haircare is special - an event, and we want to ensure that there are memorable interactions while receiving service.

After we start to understand and build relationships with residents, we continually provide quality service. It is this mixture of quality service, with engaging customer experiences, that creates the value for your residents while visiting the salon.



Smartset has provided great service for our facility residents over the years. It really makes a positive difference in their day, and this is what counts the most


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Smartset offers reliable professional service which you can count on. Haircare is a valuable service to your residents, and we know you want the best for them.

Choosing our company ensures you're getting the experience and the hairdresser that's right for your facility. Hairdressing is not a simple task, especially as seniors have varying needs. It is extremely important that a licensed and trustworthy person is providing hairdressing services in a meaningful way - and we fit the bill.

To add to this, we also provide competitive value. Our website offers direct invoicing in various formats sent to any number of qualified facility staff making it easier to process for resident account billing. We also have a high level of insurance, and most importantly, we ensure coverage within a reasonable time frame if at anytime our staff are away for extended periods.

These are only a few examples of why we are the right fit for your facility. Read more about us in the Learn About The Advantages We Offer button above to learn more!

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Want to join our growing team?

We select dedicated individuals who understand how to work with seniors to provide quality service and create an uplifting guest experience. Working with us means not only do you get to make a difference in the lives of many, but establish long-lasting relationships with returning clients.

Check our Join Us page to learn more about how to apply and join our dedicated team.